Why was Rolex brushed aside when Federer won his 18th title?

It’s actually been over 10 years since Bunny has watched a proper tennis match, and it was purely by chance that he was able to follow the Australian Open this time – every time he spent his days in the gym, he had to watch the matches to relieve his boredom. Especially seeing Federer’s quarter-final stalemate, was so shocked that I almost fell off the treadmill ……

I was amazed that this old man, who existed in my memory more than 10 years ago, was still so resilient. The rabbit didn’t even think he was in the final, and what’s even scarier is that the opponent was also an old man, the king of red clay, Rafael Nadal – a meeting of the “old men”, a memorial of a generation.

When Federer had not yet won the title, there was a picture that had already been circulated among friends.

I don’t know who took the picture, whether it was intentional or just a random snap, but the Rolex crown seems to have foreshadowed the end.

Some are excited for the return of Ferdinand, while others cry out for Rolex’s vision. Indeed, as the face of Rolex,Best Replica Rolex UK Shop For Men the former King of Heaven has been quiet for a long time, but for the sport itself, love and perseverance are the greatest joys.

When you do the math, it has been over four years since Federer won a Grand Slam title since Wimbledon 2012, and last year, he also endured the longest six-month break of his career. So when the major bosses of this Australian Open return one by one, as the 17th seed, Federer is seen more as a bomb, blowing up a few on the way ……

Most of the fans who love him are also comforted by the fact that “there has been too much glory and finally the time has come when you can enjoy the game not for the result.”

On an interesting note, it is said that in October last year, Nadal opened his tennis school and invited Federer to be his guest. Federer recalled that the two men joked that one had a leg injury and the other a wrist injury and that they would have to play exhibition matches from now on. As it turned out, the two played their “exhibition match” right through to the Australian Open final.

Fans marvelled that “the world tennis scene had gone back to the way it used to be overnight (the top two women’s singles players, Wei and Xiao, cooperating to complete a nostalgic Australian Open)”, but in the rabbit’s eyes, this was proof of the value of “the old and the strong”.

See the international rice ring, it matches the blue of the Australian Open

By the way, for your information, Federer was wearing a Greenwich II, the very popular Intercontinental ring, yesterday.

As Bunny has written before, the second-hand market for this watch (116710BLNR) is also very strong

I don’t think Rolex expected the spokesman to do so well that he just followed the brush with it himself. No one seems to be able to separate Federer from Rolex when they see him.

Rolex, as co-sponsor of the Australian Open and conference timepiece, put the logo in all the places that put Rolex fans in the mood

And the timekeeping, too, has always been with Federer.

The colour of Federer’s shoes and the numbers on the plaque also match

The ubiquitous crown

In fact, Rolex itself has a history with tennis, the first collaboration being the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1978, which became the conference timepiece. Others include the Australian Open, the Shanghai Rolex Masters and many others.

The focus on the sport itself has long since transcended betting on a particular champion. So one or two people do not sway a brand’s likes and dislikes, or momentary sales pressure.

Rolex’s endorsements in the tennis world include, in addition to Federer, Li Na, and Justin Henin. Henin, also counted as a legend of her time, the only player to choose to retire from her seat as world number one. Li Na, apart from being a champion, is admired for her resilient personality and her courage to challenge the system.

Why is it that as soon as Federer won the title, people have taken it upon themselves to turn on the Rolex? The rabbit has been thinking about how to choose a spokesperson that will inspire our admiration.

First of all, of course, it should be strength, but can strength and popularity really be proportional? I’m afraid this is something that many brands care about. For example, in the entertainment industry, there is a lot of fresh meat with a lot of fans, and even though they know that their faces are paralysed, there are still people who have to bend over backwards, at the expense of the quality of their work. “The number of fans” is a measure of how many people are panicking.

The Rolex is not looking for film and television stars, and ignore the net, not chasing the momentary eyeballs, down to earth, this is also the Rolex insistence, even in the field of music endorsement, people want to be classical music, do not care about the so-called runaway “diva” ……

In comparison to the world of entertainment, the arena is a relatively fair field and the status of a champion is in itself a symbol of strength, but Rolex also understands that no one will always be at the top and that perseverance and hobby are the root of all quality.

Federer in his Daytona

With 18 titles, which took more than 10 years, in which there were peaks and lows, Federer said, “I hope to see you next year, and if I can’t, this year’s trip was a good one!”

There is no such thing as a rush, nor is there too much downbeat anger, whether it’s the world number one or 10 out of 10, still running on the field he loves, to get to this point, the 35-year-old “senior” Federer has long seen through the nature of the field, and that’s exactly what moves us.

The guy on the broken bike with a Patek Philippe

Someone once said to me: how can a watch media person be convincing without having bought a proper watch, so I’m going to roll up my sleeves and make a big move.

The story starts with my bike ……

I’m lazy, I’ve been working for almost 10 years and I don’t even have a driving licence (I can say that I like bikes because I’m fascinated by the most intuitive mechanical beauty, haha ……)?

Of course, there’s nothing special about a bike, but the point is that it’s 20 years old and every time I ride it everything rings but the bell. The best part was when I sped to the LV shop for the opening and the whole place was shocked (not to mention the fact that the chain came off once in the middle of the ride and I did the manual winding job with ease ……)

“It’s time for you to change your car!” I’ve heard this at least 100 times over the years. So it was held in until 2009 when I got an extra Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso on my wrist and brought back over 80,000 from abroad. Then everyone was so relieved – it turned out that this loser was so desperate to buy a watch that he didn’t even bother to buy a car!

However, the loser is also not satisfied, immediately, the desire for a second watch came. For example,fake iwc uk at first glance, he took a look at Breguet’s Queen of Naples, with a domestic price of 280,000.

Goose eggs, goose eggs, my first reaction was to look for the cheapest price by all means.

So while I waited and tried it on again and again, I was actually looking for something else until I came across the Patek Philippe 4936 (hereinafter affectionately called PP).

This is the gold version of the 4936, and the crummy pictures really ruin it for life.

To be honest, the 4936 is not a first look watch for women, it still looks a bit unisex and not in the same league as a goose egg. The person who recommended it to me once said that it was “the best value for money for a woman in the PP complication”. After all, it is an annual calendar watch, so people whose knowledge of mechanical watches is limited to manual winding will find new fun – taking a needle and poking it, adjusting the date, day of the week, is a sense of involvement, not, moreover, will give people the illusion of “ah ah so I also know watches”! ……

More importantly, after spending all that money ($260,000 abroad at the time), I didn’t want to buy a vase that was only suitable for certain occasions, or that I would feel it was time for a new one after a few years. So the idea of taking one step forward was particularly strong – maybe in the next 5 to 10 years I wouldn’t buy a new watch, so the 4936 could be a milestone marker, or even the last watch, just so I wouldn’t have any regrets anyway.

The 4936 is available in yellow and rose gold. The white strap in rose gold was too “flashy” and, in the words of one person, “too much like Folli Follie”, so I went for the yellow gold version, which is rarely chosen.

The light curry strap wasn’t my favourite either, it was a bit old-fashioned, but I liked the watch itself, so I didn’t mind (it was only when I saw the updated 4947 that I realised the colour of the strap was no big deal at all).

This is the 4947 I saw at Baselworld this year and I couldn’t take my eyes off it, the strap is much more useful than I thought.

Here’s the 4936R after the strap change, which immediately gives it a sense of calmness.

I spent an hour or two puzzling over this watch: the diamonds and mother-of-pearl face shone too brightly in the sunlight, and the raised indexes were very three-dimensional. At that moment, I felt like I was a Grandeur counting gold. ……

Not long after I bought the 4936, I actually changed my bike, but only from a broken bike (I had to take the chain off at least once a day on the way to work, which was also drunk) to a light mountain bike. Someone said “I can’t imagine wearing a bike on my wrist”, but the most logical explanation is that the person didn’t think a bike was that important.

It’s just a matter of choice. You can worry about your car, I’m willing to be thin for my watch, the joy of life is that it’s supposed to be diverse.

Then, I’m going to put on my recommendations, and this issue is all about women’s watches, so you can get started quickly and get PP.

In addition to his identity as co-founder of watchstate.com, he has been collecting PP since the 1990s.

Some people say that Patek Philippe is the last surviving myth, but of course “myth” only means something to the biggest fans. In my lifetime, I’m guessing I’ll only ever play with one or two pieces, just for the hell of it.

A was worried about this recommendation, and decided to keep it within 400,000 yuan in China. In his opinion, the first thing to do is to have the basic functions of a watch, plus a single calendar, in line with most people’s habits. The annual calendar counts as stepping into the threshold of complications, but that’s where it ends, leaving the rest of the stuffy stuff to the landed gentry.

Minimalist, with two rows of small diamonds as part of the design and full of sentimentality, the Twenty-4 collection has been quite popular since its creation. Think it’s quartz? Not many girls like to wind it up and set the time themselves. Of course, there are mechanical models and full diamond models that are expensive.

The women’s version of the Nautilus is smaller than the men’s version, so many girls can hold it. Plus, it’s a fully automatic 324 movement, so let’s enter the world of mechanics together.

Unfortunately, I’m a stubborn maniac and I had to have the men’s version, so I never thought about the women’s Nautilus, but I finally found out why – I guess I subconsciously thought that if I wanted to buy a new watch one day, I could get rid of it and give it to my husband to use. ……

I think it’s a good idea for girls to choose a model with diamonds to reflect the flirtatious feeling.

This is the two-handed one with the pearl tourbillon 240 automatic movement, a very simple and elegant design. After all, in a small dial, another three-handed one would look messy.

Only 30,000 more expensive than the PP5146, but with more mother-of-pearl faces and a circle of diamonds, a better value for money, an annual calendar watch, complications women can have as well, the best one-step option.

I’m going to keep talking: A said secretly, one day my wife won’t like this watch anymore, so I’ll change the strap to a men’s watch. This idea is the same as mine, simply the highest level of money-saving fine (belong to spend 200,000 to save a few pieces of goods ah), to buy watches are suitable for both men and women, the future clothes can be mixed with the other half to wear, from the male and female, unified ……